The chief consideration for a man in choosing what procedures he will have is the visibility of scars after the surgery. How long will the incisions be? Where will the sutures be placed? These are considerations because men, unlike most women, can't hide scars underneath a hairdo. As a man grows older, his hair thins and hairline may recede.

Dr. Chartchai is sensitive to this need, and takes great care in placing stitches where they are least likely to be seen.

When performing cosmetic surgery on men, a plastic surgeon uses many of the same procedures as for women. However, because of the structure of a man's body there are clear technical differences. For example, the skin in men is thicker and in the facial area contains hair. This means the blood supply is greater, thus a greater risk of immediate bleeding but good healing. Body contouring cosmetic surgery for men is an art form. What looks best for a man is very different than for a woman. The nose, face, chest, and abdomen have unique male and female aspects.

There are some problems and operations which are special for men but for the most part are a modification of standard cosmetic surgery operations. These special operations include treatment for gynecomastia (large breasts), testicle implants and hair transplantation. Dr. Chartchai does not perform hair transplantation but will be happy to refer you to a colleague.








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