Another name for brow lift is forehead lift.

Dr. Chartchai observes that, for older people wishing a more youthful appearance, the problem may lie with the eyebrows, especially at the outer ends closer to the temple, not with the eyelids. It's the furled and drooping brows that make for an old-looking face, and often make it look severe and mean.

The effects of aging usually cannot be completely reversed with a brow lift alone because there are other components involved such as changes in subcutaneous fat and in the muscles in and around the forehead. But the brow lift does much to re-create a youthful and pleasing appearance, giving a brighter, more refined look to the eyes and entire face.

What do you want to change?
It is important that you have a clear idea of what you want changed when you go for a consultation. The least favorite thing any plastic surgeon wants to hear is What do you think I need done?

When you look in the mirror, are you unhappy with forehead wrinkles, especially when you frown or make other facial expressions? Are you bothered by deep wrinkles or furrows across your forehead or deep creases between your brows? Is the excess skin and fat above or below your eyes so bad that your vision is compromised?

Look in a mirror and identify what bothers you. Be specific. It is helpful to break up the forehead region into 4 parts: 1) forehead 2) lateral (outside) brow 3) medial (inside) brow 4) upper eyelids. Evaluate each one of these areas individually as this is what Dr. Chartchai will do when he examines you. Some of these parts are independent of the brow lift but may need work so that overall the face remains in balance and harmony.


There are different types of brow lifts. During consultation in his Bangkok office, Dr. Chartchai will observe and examine you, and discuss your options to help you choose the one that is best for you.

Dr. Chartchai is experienced in the major brow lifting techniques: the minimal incision brow lift; the endoscopic brow lift; the brow lift through an upper eyelid incision; and the open or traditional brow lift. Excellent results can be achieved with each method provided the right method is selected. Dr. Chartchai will discuss with you the most appropriate technique for you and choose what is best for the outcome you want.

The minimal incision (short scar) brow lift is a very effective way to obtain the desired elevation of the lateral brow and crows feet area with only a small incision within the hairline or just above the hairline.

The endoscopic brow lift is almost the exact same as the minimal incision brow lift except Dr. Chartchai uses an endoscope. The endoscope helps him visualize the dissection, what needs to be lifted, and what muscle needs to be severed to eradicate the frown lines. The incisions are within the scalp.


The brow lift through an upper eyelid, is best performed at the same time as an upper blepharoplasty. During this procedure, the corrugator muscle is severed and fat may be redistributed or removed. This type of brow lift does not raise the brows as much as the others but it is an effective way to get rid of the "furrows" without making another incision.

The open (coronal) brow lift involves a very long incision usually within the scalp but may be done at the hairline. It is useful when there is a significant amount of loose skin within the forehead and the eyebrows have descended a great deal. This type of brow lift, if not carefully and circumspectly done, can result in a wide-eyed look or excessively large forehead.
Often, a brow lift is performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery and facelift.


Recovery time
Most people are able to return to work 2 weeks after surgery. Bruising may exist for up to 2 weeks. If you are returning to a strenuous job, you may have to wait as long as 4 weeks before returning to work.


Possible complications
The most common complication across the nation is inadequate elevation of the eyebrow. Other possible complications, unique to brow lifting, are injury to the sensory nerve that innervates the scalp and skin of the forehead, asymmetry between the 2 brows, and hair loss around the incision.



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